CSA/Ce best Marked Electric Actuator for Valve Control, Modulating for Ball Valve, Butterfly Valve and Damper, Compact Size with Super Torque, HVAC, Burner, Chemical with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Type DCL-05
Power DC24V AC24V  AC110V AC380V AC220V
Motor CZPT 13W 10W 10W 6W 10W
Rated Current 1.28A 1.50A 0.24A 0.07A 0.16A
Standard Time/Torque 20S/50Nm
Optional Time/Torque 4S/20Nm 10S/30Nm 4S/20Nm 10S/30Nm  60S/50Nm 100S/50Nm
Turning CZPT le 0~3600 Adjustable
Available Control Circuit Type of A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,
Total CZPT ght 2.5kg
Insulating Resistance 100MΩ/250VDC   100MΩ/500VDC
Withstand Voltage Class 500VAC  1 minute 1500VAC   1 minute 1800VAC   1 minute
Protection Class IP67
Installation CZPT le 3600 at any angle
Electric Interface Two G1/2 Wate-proof Cable Connectors,one for CZPT line and one for signal line
Ambient Temperature -25~+55ºC
Optional Function Heater/Dome indicator


  1. Quarter turn operation with compact design
  2. ISO 5211 multi flange mounting well coupled to soft seal, metal seal, PVC butterfly valve
  3. Used for flap valve and ventilation butterfly valve as well, size up to DN1200/48″
  4. Self-locking CZPT drive prevents back driving to keep no leak of valve
  5. Handle or handwheel for manual operation
  6. Visual position indicator for butterfly valve turning angle
  7. CSA listed/UL complied/CE marked/RoHS 3.0 tested

DCL compact quarter turn electric actuators have been used to automate butterfly valves for 19 years with over 150,000 pcs are now still working around world.
Butterfly valve needs large torque at full close position to push valve plate into the valve seat or pull valve plate back from valve seat, especially for soft seal butterfly valve. That’s why start torque of actuator is very important. All DCL actuators are tested and certified to start with over rated load in -10% rated voltage. So it is commonly seen that DCL-10 with 100Nm standard torque actuator can drive DN100 butterfly valve, while other brands need offer 200Nm standard torque actuator.
Actuators have been rigorous tested by CSA and certified per UL and CSA standard. CE standard and RoHS 3.0 tested by SGS.

DCL-05 CZPT ctric actuator Overall dimension and parameters: