Fail factory Safe Electric Actuator with Emergency Power off Button and Handwheel with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

  1. 90° turn with proportional to input control signal
  2. Self-calibrating with continuously output position monitoring signal as standard
  3. All metal gear train with self-locking bronze alloy CZPT
  4. Watertight IP67 and NEMA 4X aluminum alloy enclosure with 100% underwater tests
  5. World-leading EMC, 100% passed EFT, ESD and Surge tests
  6. Stable operation on extra high/low temperature with high humidity
  7. Full potted resin plastic packaged controller to protect electronics from vibration and moisture
  8. Fail safe drive to any setting position when input signal loses
  9. CSA listed/UL complied/CE marked/RoHS 3.0 tested

DCL-E modulating type electric actuators are fail-safe. When control signal loses or mistaken input beyond certain range(4-20mA/2-10V), and CZPT is still on, actuator can drive valve to any position that has been set before, such as full open or full close position. Self-locking function can also prevent back driving and hunting when CZPT lose. These functions can keep whole control system safe when malfunction happens.
All actuators are rigorous tested and certified by CSA per UL and CSA standard, tested by SGS per CE and RoHS 3 standard. The self-designed high stability control packs are also certified and tested by top companies to ensure no problems during high humidity and high temperature.