Wp Cost Series Wpa Wps Wpo Steel Cast Iron Housing Flange Input Vertical / Horizontal Reduction Worm Gear Industrial Speed Transmission Shaft Worm Reducers Gearbox with ce certificate top quality low price

Product Description

Wp Series WPA WPS WPO Steel Cast Iron Housing Flange input vertical / horizontal Reduction Worm Gear CZPT CZPT Transmission Shaft Worm Reducers Gearbox

Type: WP series Single-stage CZPT Reducer-Iron Worm Gear Box
Model: WPKA40,50,60,70,80,100,120,135,155,175,200,250
Brand name: Ever-power or CZPT
Color: Blue/Green or on request
Ratio: 10-60
Input CZPT : 0.12-33kw(Under the case of input speed 1500rpm)
Output torque: 6-6571n.m
Bearing: C&U, NSK, CZPT or specified
Seal: CTY, CFW, CZPT or specified
Origin: ZHangZhoug, CZPT
Warranty: 1 year
Product features:

It adopts CZPT ican technology with durability, stable transmission,

large carrying capacity, low noise, compact structure,

large transmission ratio and wide CZPT .

Application areas: Textile printing and dyeing, rubber and plastic machinery, building materials machinery, environment protection machinery, lifting machinery, food packaging, metallurgical machinery, petrochemical industry, stage machinery and new energy field.


1. Different variants, both input and output shafts can be mounted horizontally or vertically
2. Compact structure
3. Direct drive or indirect drive CZPT
4. Output CZPT solid shaft or hollow hole
Models & Variants:
WPA Series – Lower Input Shaft
WPS Series – Upper Input Shaft
WPDA Series – Lower Input Flange
WPDS Series – Upper Input Flange
WPO Series – Vertical Upward Output Shaft
WPX Series – Vertical Downward Output Shaft
WPDO Series – Vertical Upward Output Shaft, Input Flange
WPDX Series – Vertical Downward Output Shaft, Input Flange